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Tip 59: Tricks for Using Tabbed Windows in PhotoModeler

PhotoModeler Windows

A close range photogrammetry program like PhotoModeler presents different types of information to the user such as photos, 3d views, and tabular data. In PhotoModeler, data is presented in separate windows that can be sized and moved around the display area for maximum flexibility. A modern tabbed interface allows easy access to a number of windows while viewing one of the windows at maximum size. There are a few tricks and tips to navigating these tabbed windows.


Tip 58: Denser Meshes in PhotoModeler's MVS with a 2 Photo Min

tip 58 blog img

'Multi-View Stereo' is the new Dense Surface Model extraction algorithm introduced to PhotoModeler Scanner a few months ago. The 'multi' part of the name refers to the multiple photographs used to extract and confirm matching data. MVS and DSM are methods in photogrammetry for extracting a 3D point cloud (like a laser scanner) of a surface, object or scene.


Tip 57: PhotoModeler Zoom Center for Point Review

Tip 57 Video Shot

PhotoModeler has a number of tools for zooming and panning photographs so that features can be studied close-up. A couple of interesting and perhaps little known zoom tools are 'Zoom Lock' and 'Zoom and Center All'.  These tools are great for doing point review - that is studying how a point is marked and referenced on a number of photos.


PhotoModeler 2014.0.1 Release - More speed!

2014 CD

The focus of the new PhotoModeler 2014.0.1 release (March 4,2014) is speed!  That is, speed improvements in SmartMatch and MVS. 


Tip 56: Getting Slope or Level in a Photogrammetry Project

iphone level 7 deg

Leveling is the process in surveying of orienting a coordinate system to the local gravity field. Even in non-survey tasks, like house construction (or putting up a shelf!) you'll use a level to get all items lined up with gravity. In performing a photogrammetric measurement, modelling or survey you may want the results oriented to gravity as well. Once oriented to gravity you can make accurate measurements of true slope and vertical height differences.

There are a couple of ways of putting a photogrammetric project into a gravity-aligned coordinate system. A standard approach is to use external control points. Control points are points created by conventional survey methods. These XYZ points are imported into PhotoModeler using the External Geometry Explorer, and assigned to matching 2d points in the photos. PhotoModeler can then place the photogrammetric project in a coordinate system matching the control - which would typically have been leveled.


PhotoModeler 2014 Release with MVS

PhotoModeler 2014 CD

The new 2014 versions of PhotoModeler, PhotoModeler Scanner, and PhotoModeler Motion have just been released! In addition, a new tutorial video demonstrating how to use the new Multi-View Stereo feature has been published.


Tip 55: A refinement to point referencing in PhotoModeler

Tip 55 Video

This tip video is a 'back to basics'. The tip concerns itself with the manual process of point referencing (manually matching a point across two or more photos). While much of our new development has been on automation, there are still many applications (and even times within the automated processes) where you need to manually mark and match points. This tip explains a refinement that is useful when you are referencing multiple points.


Tip 54: PhotoModeler's 3D Viewer Lighting Controls

Tip 54 Screen Shot

When viewing 3D triangulated meshes in PhotoModeler - created by DSM or the new MVS - it can sometimes be difficult to see surface detail. The 3D Viewer renderer uses two lights - a head light (pointing from the renderer's camera position straight forward - like the head lights on a car), and a side light (pointing perpendicular to the head light from the side).


Tip 53: Easy 360 Degree 3D Scanning with Your Camera

Tip 53 Screen Shot

There have been some very interesting developments with PhotoModeler Scanner. This tip video shows a new example done with these improvements.

Tip 52: PhotoModeler Project Complete Backup

Tip 52 Screen Shot

This short tip demonstrates how to use the Project Backup tool in PhotoModeler.

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