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UAS + Photogrammetry Reduces Cost and Risk of Surveys
07/01/2016 | Jerry Fireman
sUAS Guide
Applications: All, Geology & Mining, Magazine Articles, Surveying, and UAS / UAV / Drone

This article describes the use of UAS by two PhotoModeler customers in civil engineering and geology work. One customer specializes in rock slope surveys, and the other in environmental monitoring and remediation. They both found that using UAS and PhotoModeler greatly reduced their costs and reduced risk.  See p. 54 in full online magazine.

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Photogrammetry Helps Surveyors Save Time and Improve Accuracy
02/04/2016 | Jerry Fireman
American Surveyor
Applications: All, Magazine Articles, Surveying, and UAS / UAV / Drone

“Surveying is a time and labor intensive process that requires extremely high levels of accuracy. Two North American surveyors are addressing this challenge by using photogrammetry to increase the number of points surveyed by several orders of magnitude while reducing field time by half or more. Photogrammetry is the process of generating measurements and models from photograph…”

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Software Turns Photos into Scans, 3D Models
02/25/2009 | Editors
Desktop Engineering Magazine
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“Eos Systems (Vancouver, BC, Canada) has released version 6.3 of PhotoModeler, its image-based modeling photogrammetry — software for generating and measuring 3D models from photographs. Key enhancements, according to the company, include expanded automation and RAD Targets that help you obtain 3D measurements and 3D point sets accurately and efficiently. The new version is said to let you capture and measure a wider variety of scenes and objects and, of interest to existing users, it provides improved speed and lower costs of operation.”

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PhotoModeler 6 Review
11/02/2007 | Mike Hudspeth
Desktop Engineering Magazine
Applications: All and Magazine Articles

“Say you’ve just heard someone outside your office use the R word reverse engineer. Then in they come with a handful of photos and your assignment: Come up with a model of a product that happens to have been out of production for more than 75 years. (Dont laugh, it happens.) To make matters worse, all you have are the photos the only remaining sample is locked away in a dark corner of an obscure museum in Europe. Do you wish you had hidden under your desk or do you accept the challenge willingly?”

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QA: Pushing Visual Limits of 3D
07/14/2006 | Brett Duesing. Interview with Matt and Danika Wright
Cadalyst Magazine
Applications: All, Film & Animation, and Magazine Articles

“In 1905, Catholic Bishop Edward J. O’Dea laid the cornerstone on what would become St. James Cathedral in Seattle, Washington. More than 100 years later, as the structure still stands its ground, the husband-wife design duo of Matt and Danika Wright have pushed the limits of modern design technology and recreated the intricate beauty of the historical landmark in stunningly lifelike 3D renderings.” …

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First Look Review: PhotoModeler Pro
02/27/2006 | Ron LaFon
Cadalyst Magazine
Applications: All and Magazine Articles

“As might be surmised by its name, PhotoModeler Pro creates models from photographs. The product was developed originally as a high-accuracy measurement tool, but its ability to produce fully textured visual models has proved to be an important application in its own right. In terms of pure measurement tasks, PhotoModeler Pro is suitable for industrial, engineering, surveying, process plant management, materials analysis (under applications of pressure, heat, force, vibration and so forth) and other scientific projects. Users in the gaming, film or entertainment industries who are doing purely visual models also make good use of PhotoModeler’s capabilities.”

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Tools for Field Surveying
08/17/2003 | Evan H. Shu, FAIA
Architecture Week
Applications: All, Architecture, Magazine Articles, and Surveying

“When architects begin a renovation or addition to a building for which no plans are available, they are often faced with the tedious chore of measuring existing conditions and creating plans from scratch. Not too long ago, the most efficient process involved a three-person team one with a clipboard and two with a measuring tape, calling out distances. But in recent years, several aids have been developed that make it easier, even for one person alone, to make measurements fast and accurately.”

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Close Range Photogrammetry and Next Generation Spacecraft
05/01/2002 | Richard Pappa
Professional Surveyor Magazine
Applications: All, Engineering & Science, Industrial Measurement, and Magazine Articles

“I chose PhotoModeler Pro from Eos Systems Inc., of Vancouver, Canada. It proved to be easy to use and well documented. The program has worked very well from day one, and I have been very pleased with its accuracy, reliability and user friendliness.”

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High Tech for Old Houses
09/01/2001 | Jerry Laiserin, FAIA
Old House Journal
Applications: All, Architecture, and Magazine Articles

“The cold glare of a computer screen seems incompatible with the warmth that most folks associate with a fine old house. Yet recent advances in computers and related technologies are providing savvy homeowners and their architects with many new options for documenting and investigating historic buildings. With the help of these high-tech tools, you can identify existing dimensions, locate hidden problems, and assess material conditions faster, more economically, and with greater accuracy.”

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