Does PhotoModeler run on 64 bit Windows?

Yes.  There are 32bit and a 64bit versions of PhotoModeler and PhotoModeler Scanner.

The 32bit and 64bit versions will both run on a 64 bit version of Windows (Vista and 7), but to take advantage of the increased memory available in Windows 64bit, we recommend that you install the 64bit version of PhotoModeler.  You cannot install 64bit PhotoModeler on a computer running 32bit Windows.

The 64bit version should be installed by those working with very high resolution images and/or large data sets which, in most cases, means those using PhotoModeler Scanner to generate or import large and high density point clouds.

The best way to determine how PhotoModeler and/or PhotoModeler Scanner performs on your system is to download and install the free Demo (32bit or 64bit). They can be downloaded here.

For information on the minimum requirements to run PhotoModeler please see this.

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