PhotoModeler Fails to Start

There have been a few reports of launch failures after installation, mainly for the 64bit versions of PhotoModeler (applies to PhotoModeler, PhotoModeler Scanner, and PhotoModeler Motion) on Windows 8 and other recent versions of Windows.  An error message usually appears saying “There was a problem with the ____ control.”  The error message may also have terms like “cocreate” or “cocreateinstance” or similar.

The problem is not consistent but appears to be related to a Windows account permissions, user access control (UAC), or antivirus, which prevents certain ‘ocx controls’ from getting registered during the install.   Here is a set of instructions that should get you going.

1.    First check if you have a utility in your install folder (typically c:\Program Files\PhotoModeler…”) called “PMRegisterControls.exe”. If so, double click to launch.

If you don’t have the utility installed, you can download it from here:
64Bit PhotoModeler: Register Controls – 64Bit
32Bit PhotoModeler: Register Controls – 32Bit

Download and save the file to your installation directory.

Once you run the utility, the required components should be registered and allow PhotoModeler to launch correctly.

If that doesn’t work:

2.    Repeat the install with your Virus Scanner(s) temporarily disabled.  Sometimes disabling is not enough, so a full temporary shut-down or antivirus uninstall may be necessary.

If that doesn’t work:

If possible, please try the PhotoModeler install on another computer.  If it works on another computer, try to compare the two machines, their security settings, antivirus, and their Windows accounts note any differences.

For more assistance, please contact Technical Support and note the exact text of any warnings or error messages that you see during installation, during PhotoModeler launch, or during any of the steps listed above.

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