PhotoModeler 2014 Release with MVS

Posted on Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

PhotoModeler 2014 CDThe new 2014 versions of PhotoModeler, PhotoModeler Scanner, and PhotoModeler Motion have just been released! In addition, a new tutorial video demonstrating how to use the new Multi-View Stereo feature has been published.

With this release PhotoModeler continues to cement its lead as the professional-grade photogrammetry solution for a wide variety of applications.

The new release brings four new capabilities and improvements:

  1. MVS – Multi-View Stereo – a new way of creating dense point clouds and surfaces.
  2. Improved SmartMatch Orientation – solve more photos and bigger projects successfully.
  3. Auto-Calibration in SmartMatch – refine the camera calibration in a SmartMatch project.
  4. Improved Meshing – sharper triangulated surface meshes, and better trimming.

With these improvements, advanced scanning and production of 3d point clouds is more automated, more accurate, with higher detail, and capable of working with a wider range of calibrated or uncalibrated image sources.

The PhotoModeler Scanner 2014.0 – What’s New page provides more detail on these improvements. 

Note, while the above improvements apply to PhotoModeler Scanner and PhotoModeler Motion only, there are numerous other fixes and improvements of which some apply to the base PhotoModeler product as well. You can see the full list of changes here.


New Tutorial

With the SmartMatch improvements and the new MVS features in this release, we created a brand-new instructional tutorial. The tutorial shows the steps needed to run a small MVS project from start (loading photos), to finish (viewing the photo-textured surface mesh). View the tutorial online or on youtube. The video has voice-over and English captions.


DSM Before and After Example

MVS is not only easier to use than the current pair-based Dense Surface Model method (no need to apply trims, or pick photo pairs), but together with the improved SmartMatch, many more projects process successfully and give excellent results.

A PhotoModeler customer, that measures volumes of wood chip / compost piles from a drone/uav, sent us a project that did not produce the best results in earlier versions. Now with the 2014 release the project is far more automated and produces great results.

Before 2014 – low detail and camera orientation issue ↓

 Compost before 2014

With 2014 Release – notice extra detail ↓

 MVS compost

As well we have a video ‘fly-by’ of the completed model done with the new PhotoModeler Scanner 2014 release. While this example is an aerial / stockpile example, MVS is equally useful in geology, artifact modeling, architecture, engineering, and non-UAV/aerial situations.


Getting the new Release

If you are a current customer with an active Maintenance Subscription you can download the new version on the updates page at no cost.

If you are a current customer with an expired Maintenace Subscription, or you are not yet a PhotoModeler customer, please contact a PhotoModeler reseller or the PhotoModeler sales team to purchase.

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