PhotoModeler 2015.0 Release

Posted on Friday, December 5th, 2014

PhotoModeler, PhotoModeler Scanner and PhotoModeler Motion have a new release: version 2015.0.0 – release date Dec. 3, 2014.

v2015PhotoModeler has always been used in a wide variety of industries, and recently there have been more PhotoModeler Scanner users in the geotechnical, mining, and land survey fields. As a result, PhotoModeler is being used more with a large number of photographs taken by aerial platforms (in particular UAV/drones – watch for a blog post on this coming soon). These projects with large numbers of photos and large resulting large data sets mean a commensurate heavy processing load. We’ve responded to the higher processing demands in this release by improving the performance in key areas of PhotoModeler: Processing and the User Interface. There are more improvements coming next year as well.

Here’s a summary of the key changes in this release:

  • Processing Speed. Significant processing speed increases in Scanner and Motion for SmartMatch projects and MVS. Improvements most notable in SmartMatch Orientation, Processing/Optimization and MVS.  Here’s a sample of timing comparisons for various projects, v2014.1.1 vs v2015.0.0:
TimingsOn a 4 core processor – affects MVS speed
  • UI Speed Increases. Many other operations on big projects are snappier too (loading projects, opening photos/tables/3D views, and assigning cameras, etc.) – improving your efficiency.
  • Mask Improvements. Added an ‘Invert Mask’ tool to the Mask mode right click menu. Added a ‘Cancel Mask’ command which allows one to restart the mask – same as hitting Esc on keyboard. RGB colors assigned to point cloud points now account for masks.
  • Orthophoto scale. The orthophoto export dialog now supports print scales less than 1:1. If you are outputting an orthophoto of a small object, the print size can be set to a ratio such as 1:0.5 so the output size would be twice the object’s size.
  • Sum Length. Selecting any combination of lines, curves, edges, cylinders, and shape edges will now display a sum of their lengths on the Measure pane.

If you own PhotoModeler you can get the upgrade patch here. If you are using the Demo or Trial version you can download and install the latest from here.

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