PhotoModeler 2015.1.1 Release: more improvements!

Posted on Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

PhotoModeler, PhotoModeler Scanner and PhotoModeler Motion have a new release: version 2015.1.1 – release date May 4, 2015. This update has some useful new features, several customer requested changes, and some fixes.



The two most significant changes are:

1. New EGE point marking and assignment modes: The various point marking/assignment modes are now more unified in the EGE (External Geometry Explorer – handler of imported 3D data). As well, Point Auto-detect can now be used to mark control points and multi-point transform points on photos (in Scanner and Motion).

Whether control, multi-point transform, or pinned points are imported, the marking and assignment process is the same: select a point in the EGE and use the appropriate tool to mark/assign the point (or auto-detect when photography is appropriate). The “Assign” button in the right pane of the EGE can still be used as in previous versions, but the new tools should make the process more intuitive, especially if control point marking/assignment is familiar.

Here are the tools on the new sub-toolbars:Control




2. Four New PointMesh Editing Tools: Two new modes: 1) ‘Slice PointMesh Surface’ and 2) ‘Crop PointMesh Surface’; and two new action buttons: 1) ‘Slice PointMesh Surface by Plane’ and 2) ‘Seal PointMesh Surface’ have been added in this release.  These operate on triangulated PointMesh surfaces.

In Slice mode you draw a line in a 3D view – that line defines a clean cut dividing a mesh in two (will sub-divide triangles at the cut line). Holding the Ctrl key in Slice mode will leave only the larger of the two slices.

In Crop mode you draw a box in a 3D view – the box defines a clean-edge rectangular crop of any underlying meshes. Any parts of the mesh outside the box will be discarded leaving a clean rectangular edge.

The Slice by Plane action enables when a Plane Surface and one or more triangulated PointMesh Surfaces are selected. Pressing the action button will slice the selected PointMeshes at the plane, creating a clean cut and leaving only the mesh parts above the plane. Great for bottoms of stockpiles.

The Seal tool enables when one or more triangulated meshes are selected. Pressing the action button will create closed watertight meshes. The tool tries to close all meshes but works best with well-formed meshes. Creating clean edges before using Seal, e.g. using the new slice or crop modes, can help. The Slice and Seal tools are great for 3D printing export!

A tip video showing the Slice and Crop tools can be viewed here.


Some other interesting changes in this release are:

  • 3D Viewer Navigation.  The default setting for navigation in the 3D Viewer (rotate, pan, zoom) using the mouse buttons (left, middle/scroll & right buttons) no longer needs the Alt key modifier. These new key-less navigation modes in the 3D Viewer make it more consistent with other 3D apps.
  • New Preferences for Measure. Customize what is shown on the Measure pane when items are selected – gives more control over time consuming calculations that you may not need.
  • Setting Coordinate System via Preferences.  The coordinate system (Scale, Rotate & Translate) can now be set up using predefined Coded Targets in the External Geometry Explorer using the RAD Project Preference settings.
  • … and 50+ other fixes and improvements.

If you own PhotoModeler you can get the upgrade patch here. If you are using the Demo or Trial version you can download and install the latest from here.

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