PhotoModeler 2015.1 Release: Cool new features!

Posted on Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

PhotoModeler, PhotoModeler Scanner and PhotoModeler Motion have a new release: version 2015.1.0 – release date Mar. 3, 2015. This update has some very interesting new tools.v2015.1.0

The two most significant additions are:

  1. Point Auto-detect Mode – a new tool to significantly speed up the point marking and referencing process. Click on a feature on one photo, and on other photos, matching features are automatically detected, marked, and referenced. This new tool is available in PhotoModeler Scanner and Motion and works best with SmartMatch friendly photo sets.  A tip video showing this tool can be viewed here.  In the image below, a feature is marked in the ‘source’ photo (bottom) and the feature is automatically detected in other photos, which are shown in the Point Review Pane at top (arrows added to image for clarity):PointAutoDetect
  2. Point Review Mode – a new tool that allows you to quickly review and adjust a point’s photo position on all photos.  Select a point and the associated marked points appear in photos in the Point Review Pane, centered around the reviewed point.  The point marks can also be deleted or moved in the Review pane windows. This tool is available in all PhotoModeler products. A tip video showing this tool can be viewed here.  In the image below, a point’s position (bottom right) is reviewed in the two photos at top (arrows added to image for clarity).

Here’s a summary of other key changes in this release:

  • Thumbnail Sizing.  Photo chip or thumbnails can now be sized using +/- buttons on the Photo List pane toolbar.
  • Open Next / Previous Photo. Right click on a photo and cycle through the photos in your project using the two new tools.
  • Revamped New Project Wizard and Getting Started panel.  The project types on the Getting Started panel (from which the Wizard is launched) are more logically differentiated, and the setup process is more automated.
  • … and 19 other fixes and improvements.

If you own PhotoModeler you can get the upgrade patch here. If you are using the Demo or Trial version you can download and install the latest from here.

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