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Accuracy of Pile Volume Measurement with Photogrammetry

Posted on Monday, November 4th, 2013

Accurate volume measurement of piles of material is important in a number of applications, such as: stock pile inventory management, volumes of tailing piles, volume of organic materials in composting operations, quarry pit size, mine reclamation, etc. These piles are difficult to measure due to their size, difficulty of traversing, and non-uniform shapes. The advent of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) with cameras, and software for extracting surface shape from imagery, such as PhotoModeler, have greatly eased this task. A key factor in using this technology in real-world applications is volume accuracy. This article highlights a series of PhotoModeler Scanner experiments using SmartMatch and Dense Surface Modeling (DSM) to model a small sand pile with a known volume to gauge volume…Read More

Camera Fundamentals and Parameters in Photogrammetry

Posted on Monday, July 29th, 2013

Photogrammetry is the science of using photographs to obtain measurements and models of real-world objects and scenes. Photogrammetric techniques involve using known information to help solve other, previously unknown information.  Several critical pieces of known information concern the camera used to capture the photographs, and defining those pieces in mathematical terms known as camera parameters. Photogrammetry uses the mathematics of light rays to build up knowledge of the geometry of the scene, its objects and the location of the camera when the photographs were taken. When light hits part of the scene, it is reflected toward the camera, passes through the lens, and is picked up by film or an electronic image sensor. Knowledge of the fundamental parameters of the…Read More

PhotoModeler’s Dense Surface Modeling Accuracy Study

Posted on Thursday, September 20th, 2012

  We have completed an extensive accuracy study of PhotoModeler’s 3d scanning capability called Dense Surface Modeling (DSM).  The full accuracy study article can be found here: Quantifying the accuracy of dense surface modeling within PhotoModeler Scanner. The article shows that PhotoModeler Scanner can match (if not exceed) the accuracy of a laser scanner. Using a laser scanned scene as a benchmark, PhotoModeler Scanner is able to reconstruct the same scene to within an error of 0.9mm at a 3.5m range. This is well within the distance error (+/- 2mm at 10m) of the laser scanner. PhotoModeler can provide the accuracy of a laser scanner with the cost, portability and convenience of photogrammetry (using your camera and software). This report…Read More


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