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New PhotoModeler Reseller in the Balkans

Posted on Friday, January 28th, 2011

A new reseller in Slovenia will carry PhotoModeler and PhotoModeler Scanner in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia. Information here.

PhotoModeler 2011 Release

Posted on Friday, January 14th, 2011

The first upgrade release for 2011 is now available. The release is ‘2011.0.0’. There are 64 changes and fixes. A few of the useful improvements are: Camera station GPS and geo-coordinates support, Further speed improvements, and Cursor-key table navigation. Details here. This page describes our new version numbering system (that started with the 2010 release in October 2010).

PhotoModeler 2010 first patch released – 2010.0.9

Posted on Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

The first patch upgrade for PhotoModeler 2010 and PhotoModeler Scanner 2010 is now available. The release is 2010.0.09. There are 40 changes and fixes. A few useful improvements as well. Details here. In addition, there are tutorial video updates – some now with closed captions, and a number of new ones. See

PhotoModeler 2010 Released!

Posted on Thursday, October 28th, 2010

PhotoModeler 2010 and PhotoModeler Scanner 2010 are released today for sale. With a new cornerstone feature in PhotoModeler Scanner 2010 called SmartMatch, the result can often be a stunning, photorealistic 3D model generated from photographs entirely automatically. SmartMatch detects and matches natural features in images – giving automated project setup and 3D data without the use of targets. In addition, all of the software’s core algorithms have been rewritten for higher performance, and many of the algorithms are now threaded to take advantage of modern multi-core CPUs. Comparing the previous version PhotoModeler 6 to the new PhotoModeler 2010 on a four core computer, a user may experience speed improvements of up to 4x in project processing, 16x with automatic target…Read More

PhotoModeler 2010 New SmartMatch

Posted on Monday, October 4th, 2010

An amazing new feature was added to the PhotoModeler 2010 beta on Friday. The feature is called SmartMatch. SmartMatch brings automation to create 3d data from every-day images. SmartMatch searches out natural feature points in images, matches them between photos, and generates 3d xyz points automatically. It is as simple as loading your photos and pressing “Go”. The best way to understand SmartMatch is to watch the video on YouTube (try HD and full screen for best viewing) For those familiar with PhotoModeler’s coded targets and automated coded target projects, you can think of SmartMatch as automation for photos without targets. SmartMatch creates SmartPoints as a replacement for coded targets in certain scenes. Think of the time that you can…Read More

Mining and Reclamation Study

Posted on Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Mike Dunn, of The Office of Surface Mining and Reclamation, Pittsburgh, published his slides from a recent presentation on the use of Close Range Photogrammetry in Mining and Reclamation. See our updated Geology Page.

Modeling an Inukshuk with an iPhone in PhotoModeler

Posted on Friday, February 19th, 2010

Since Eos Systems, the developer of PhotoModeler, is located in Vancouver, BC – the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics, what better project to carry out than to model the iconic Inukshuk (the symbol of the Winter Games). Inukshuk are native Inuit statues made of large stacked rocks. They are stone landmarks used for navigation, or markers for hunting grounds or food caches. Vancouver has a large Inukshuk on the shores of English Bay that many say was one of the inspirations for the games logo. Is the camera in an iPhone 3GS good enough to do photogrammetric modeling? It is indeed!  The iPhone camera does not have high resolution (being 3 MPixels) but it has a fixed lens (no…Read More

Interesting article on sail modeling in PhotoModeler

Posted on Friday, January 15th, 2010

A new article written by a customer describes how they used four cameras and PhotoModeler to model sail shape (a spinnaker) in a wind tunnel and compared it to the design shape. See “Photogrammetric Investigation of the Flying Shape of Spinnakers in a Twisted Flow Wind Tunnel” on the Industrial Measurement Articles page.

New Customer Accuracy Study for a PhotoModeler Video Setup

Posted on Monday, September 28th, 2009

A new customer-written article titled “Metric Potential of a 3D Measurement System Based on Digital Compact Cameras” has just been published on our site. See Articles. Customers that use multiple cameras simultaneously might wonder what sort of accuracy is possible. Multiple cameras are used with the PhotoModeler Video add-on (PMV) to track object movement or shape change. This article addresses that while using inexpensive consumer-grade digital cameras with zoom lenses. This type of camera is not ideal for photogrammetry but is inexpensive and if you need more than one (when capturing an object frozen at one instant in time from multiple views) it is nice to keep cost down. When keeping cost down, can you still have accurate measurement? – this…Read More

New PhotoModeler Whitepaper

Posted on Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

A new white paper titled “A New Way to 3D Scan” has just been published on our site. Here is an excerpt: Introduction Do you need to create dense 3D point clouds and detailed surface models of physical objects, and do you want to do it in a cost-effective and efficient manner? A new class of 3D scanning technologies, called photo-based scanning, may be the solution you are looking for. This new technology uses a standard off-the-shelf digital camera in combination with specialized software that analyzes the digital images – there is no additional hardware required. The new technology is called photo-based scanning, or photogrammetric scanning. In this white paper we define 3D scanning, review the current methods for 3D…Read More


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