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New Customer Accuracy Study for a PhotoModeler Video Setup

Posted on Monday, September 28th, 2009

A new customer-written article titled “Metric Potential of a 3D Measurement System Based on Digital┬áCompact Cameras” has just been published on our site. See Articles. Customers that use multiple cameras simultaneously might wonder what sort of accuracy is possible. Multiple cameras are used with the PhotoModeler Video add-on (PMV) to track object movement or shape change. This article addresses that while using inexpensive consumer-grade digital cameras with zoom lenses. This type of camera is not ideal for photogrammetry but is inexpensive and if you need more than one (when capturing an object frozen at one instant in time from multiple views) it is nice to keep cost down. When keeping cost down, can you still have accurate measurement? – this…Read More

New PhotoModeler Whitepaper

Posted on Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

A new white paper titled “A New Way to 3D Scan” has just been published on our site. Here is an excerpt: Introduction Do you need to create dense 3D point clouds and detailed surface models of physical objects, and do you want to do it in a cost-effective and efficient manner? A new class of 3D scanning technologies, called photo-based scanning, may be the solution you are looking for. This new technology uses a standard off-the-shelf digital camera in combination with specialized software that analyzes the digital images – there is no additional hardware required. The new technology is called photo-based scanning, or photogrammetric scanning. In this white paper we define 3D scanning, review the current methods for 3D…Read More

Fascinating use of PhotoModeler Video

Posted on Thursday, July 9th, 2009

A customer used PhotoModeler and the PMV module (which adds the 4th dimension of time to measurement) to track changes in wing shape of micro unmanned aerial vehicles (muav). Read the project description at the bottom of the PhotoModeler Engineering Applications page. See photos and access links to their full papers discussing the technique and the results.


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